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Mar 17, 2009

Serial mania

For a long time I'm thinking to share this feeling. About the serial mania. Yes even before 5 to 10 years in Indian homes there will be a devotional or at least a calm feeling from 5 pm itself. Especially our mothers or grand mothers will light dheepam in their home and 'll pray for their family. Grand mothers will tell very good moral stories that was directly very much helpful in bringing up the children with good qualities. And the children in the home followed some good habits from their family they 'll play in the street with their neighbourhood. This created the children very good qualities in them like sharing, adjusting with others, It created the leadership quality without spending money.
But the case now is ......... HOMES ARE BECOMING JUST A HOUSE. Yes mom and grand mom are watching T.V serials in front of the children. They send them tuition's because they don't want to be disturbed. I don't know weather they are aware that they are indirectly feeding the children with violence & wrong relationships ( are the only policy of serial directors).
Young mothers please awake! Its a high time to take care of our children. Please don't spoil the future generation just for your feelings. Grand moms tell good stories to your grand child don't cry for serials. India is the only country with a great manpower especially youngsters that can do anything good even bad. PLEASE SAVE OUR CHILDREN FROM GREAT THREAT INSIDE THE HOME. MAKE EVERY SINGLE HOME A TEMPLE.


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