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Jan 27, 2012


I made this a while back…. My hubby got a gold coin for a gift without a gift box…. But I don’t want to give that without packing… so I decided to make this tiny string pouch while travelling…. I’m happy with the outcome… simple but beautiful.

Here is the free pattern
·         Do a magic ring or ch 6
·         Round 1: Ch 3(count as 1st dc) & 7 dc into the ring. Total 8. Join with sl st to the 1st Ch 3
·         Round 2: 2 dc in each dc. Total 16 dc’s
·         Round 3: dc in each dc. Total 16 dc’s
·         Round 4 & 5: dc in each dc.
·         Round 6: Ch 4(1dc plus ch1) *skip a dc, dc in next dc, ch 1) repeat from. Join with sl st to the 1st Ch 3
·         Round 7: sl st to the Ch 1 space. Ch3, 4 dc in the Ch 1 space & make 5 dc in every Ch 1 space. Join with sl st to the 1st Ch 3
For strings:
          Make two Ch 25 and join these in the Ch 1 space of the pouch to use as draw string


Jan 16, 2012


Hello friends... 
First of all happy pongal to all of u (it s bit late :P)... Yesterday we celebrated our pongal happily but with lotsssssss of work.... On boghi Cleaning took the whole day and the kolam took the whole evening and night till 12:30 AM. On pongal.... preparation for the nonbu took the whole day... so too tired but enjoyed.   
     But still I'm really eager to post the celebration pictures

This is for Boghi 
This is for suryan pongal on our terrace

This is the main kolam... took lot of time to finish  and  have to do alone.... except the pot, sugarcane and the border my mother in law came to help.
You know according to tamil new year its 2043 known as tiruvalluvar aandu 
center part... i loved this part but the there is difference in size... what to do?????????????
Morning snap shot....

Side kolam... simple yet finished soon

This kolam took no time to finish very easy one drawn on the spot
Another on the spot design
look from terrace.......
Starting suryan pongal
on preparation

Padayal for suriyan
Nonbu thattu (sorry closed)

At last Nonbu got over in the near by temple


Jan 12, 2012


Hi dear friends....
     After my 100th post this is my 1st post in this year.... You know this is a pattern.... for the first time i'm writing my own pattern :) .... Writing pattern is really a time consuming work :0.... Hats off to those who writes the patterns.... And in this new year I have a resolution to learn different stitches and to publish many posts. 
     Please give your valuable feedback for my attempt.... here is the pattern for the crochet triangle....


Chain 5 join or make a magic ring

ROUND 1: Ch3(count as 1 dc) into the ring 2dc, 2ch, 3dc, 2ch, 3dc, 2ch and sl st into the 1st ch3

ROUND 3: Change color. Into the ch2 space ch3 2dc ch2 3dc, ch1, 1dc into the 2nd dc in the previous round(i.e. the centre dc) and  ch1 *(3dc ch2 3dc) in the ch 2 space(this is the CORNER CLUSTER), ch1, 1dc in the 2nd dc in round 1* Repeatagain and complete with a slst in the 1st ch3.

Likewise do a corner cluster in every corner ch2 space, ch1, 1dc in the centre dc of the previous corner clusterand ch1, 1dc in every ch1 space

Repeat this to achieve your desired size triangle

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