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Feb 29, 2012

Large Catherine wheel Purse

     Hello dear ones..... last week was filled with lots of work..... marriages...... hospitals....... so no time to breath.... now again in routine work..... ready to post my another work.... This is the large Catherine wheel stitch... i love this pattern... worked a little piece... like all times it became a purse :)... I've made an easy lining to this and added a Velcro ... All is well but i couldn't get the original color in my camera... Anybody have idea to take a snap with the original color please help me.
Waiting for your comments... and i have lot of things to post.... see u in my next post..... happy crocheting.

Here is the tutorial Audio and video

stitching the lining
hemming the lining
finished lining
joining the purse in the right side itself



Feb 16, 2012


Hello dear ones... here is my another pineapple doily.... I love this one because of its look and the easy pattern. But this doily has some ruffles i don't know..... it may be because the pattern is for the cotton thread but I've used wool thread.... So Please share if there is any idea for this problem.... anyhow... how does it look? pattern is HERE

Here is the spike bonnet for the new born.... i tried it of my own...sorry for the picture quality


Feb 15, 2012


Hello friends.... Past one month I've been working on some doilies and in some little things using the scrap wool.... here is another doily... its very easy to work... i worked in an evening..... i loved that and this pattern tend me to do more... can expect more doilies in this pattern coz of its simplicity and takes less time.... here is the doily.... and HERE is the pattern

I've made some flower hair bands using the scrap... sorry for the picture quality...


Feb 9, 2012


Hi friends..... Happy to meet u all after a little break.... but with an award from three blogger friends.... i feel very happy to receive this award from vijima, Ramvino and Nithyama... This is really really motivational for me....  but sorry for all of them coz i took very long time to post this in my blog..... Once again i thank them all for their love and appreciation to me.... the award is here.... This is given to those who are very talented and cretive in blogging but has less than 200 followers.... so do pass this award to creative bloggers with less than 200 followers... 

Thanks to Vijima... Nithyama and Ramvino

And... i'm very much happy to pass this award to these creators....

She is very creative in using little things colorful thats makes me cheerful

Her recepies are really healthy and native

Her sewing talent is very neat that every one want to learn sewing

She is very creative in making jewels with all materials

She is very much talented in her embroidery... very neat and perfect finishing

Once again thanks for the loved ones and wishes who receive this award

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