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Dec 26, 2010

Crochet coin purse or cellphone stand

This is a African flower hexagon... this is a trial... so i joined these two hexagons as a purse and using it as a cellphone stand.... very much useful for me...

back side


Dec 23, 2010

Recycled fridge top mat

This is my another recycled work. A Fridge top cover.
I made this out of a vinyl flex banner from our shop... and I made button hole stitch in borders with wool thread.
Then done embroidery with the stem stitch.... i got this pattern from http://www.french-knots.com/category/embroidery-transfers/food/... This blog has some nice patterns for embriodery


Dec 17, 2010


Hello dear ones... now i'm just crazy about crochet.. mixing colors... feeling happy.... i learnt to make granny squares.. but i cant post my trial squares... those are not as good to post here... but i've made my first handbag using these granny squares. Here i  made solid granny squares and sunflower granny squares...
thia site helped me to learn the basic grannysquare pattern http://www.knitting-n-crochet.com/index.html

Actual color is this one but not clear........

Closeup veiw.....

But this sunflower crochet i learnt from an u tube vedio... i forgot to copy the link..


Dec 16, 2010

Unfinished mehendhi

I've drawn this design for my sister...but this design is unfinished.

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Dec 6, 2010

Trial on Satin and buttonhole stitch

This one i tried months back.. first attempt on satin stitch... but the long and short stitch became worst so i skipped on other leaves


Nov 29, 2010

Karthigai Deepam

This is our Karthigai deepam kolam and deepams.... This year we made it very simple one...


Nov 28, 2010

Embroided Silk Cellphone Pouches

These are the cellphone pouches stitched with the left over cloths from silk saree blouse
I gave these to my sisters

The mango design is in the back side. This is the metallic hand embroidery thread. At first it is very much difficult for me to stitch with this thread but now i learned to work with this thread.


Nov 3, 2010

Oct 27, 2010

printed glass painting

This printed glass painting was done by my sweet sister before 3 years for my chithi....


glass painting - peacock

Hi i did this glass painting before 5 years.. now this is in my chithi's home..
I did not use any glass colors except for the glass liner.. others are fabric paints ant the background blue color is the enamel paint (residue after painting some furnitures)... and aluminium foil at the backside.


Oct 26, 2010

small hand bag from old pant

Hi i stitched this bag from my hubbys pant... for this i made my own pattern but while stitching the curves there was some problem.. i'll rectify this in future. and this is the first time i've attaced a zipper... this is an emblishment


Oct 25, 2010

quilted handbag

Hi friends this is my first try to sew a hand bag. actually i googled a lot at last confused ... then took a tutorial from http://quiltsandcreativity.com/annabelle-purse-string-patterns/comment-page-1#comment-44865... i cant work the same pattern but i think it resembles this bag... thank you for the tutorial.. I'm sorry the stitches were not neat.
     Actually this is a waste cloth after stitching a chudi..( both main fabric and also the lining) I used sponge in between. I Like to stitch more hand bags and also cellphone pouches. I'll post soon the pictures of silk cellphone pouches


Oct 23, 2010

saree blouse neck line embroidery

I used very simple stitches for this saree blouse... but it came out well. the first one os too dark.... sorry for the inconvenience.


Oct 3, 2010

siddha medicine to prevent swine flu

Siddha Medicines

Prevents Swine Flu

1)Kaba Sura Kudineer
(Make kashayam & drink in empty stomach in morning)

2)Bhramaanandha Biravam Tablet
(1 Tablet in morning and Night before meals)

3)Amukkara Choornam Tablet
(2 Tablet in morning and Night before meals)

NO Side Effects

Reported by:
National Institute of Siddha
Thambaram sanatorium, Chennai


circulating  for the goodness of the public

Nalvazhi Medicals & Agencies
(Homeo, Siddha, Ayurvedha)
22-A, Sengunthar Street, Tirupattur, Tamilnadu – 635601
PH: 04179 - 229545

Jul 21, 2010

zardosi embroidery

This was a simple try of zardosi embroidery work on my pattu saree blouse

Arul works

Jul 8, 2010

mural work

I think i can call this as a mural work. I've done this with fevicol + ceramic powder mix. Flowers with the same dough & the outlines with the same as paste. But i finished the Saree part with silver 3d out liner and for jewels I colored with golden 3D out liner.
The background effect is bit painful work I cut the aluminium foil into pieces ans pasted them.

But i should improve a  lot.


Jun 7, 2010

unforgetable friendship gift

 Hi friends
This may be silly for you people but This is the most memorable thing in my life. These are the roses given by my friends on last day of my college in the moving bus.


ceramic art

 This is a first trial of ceramic work on a hardboard


glass painting

This glass painting done by me. I tried the outline with the help of ceramic powder + fevicol mix. But i should have mixed a color with ceramic. And added glitters. I used both solvent & stain glass paints.


printed glass painting

 The first work was done by my sister & the second one with the help of  a friend

May 1, 2010


hi friends,
     I've tried an embroidery work in a frock. I know it was not perfect........ but i like it.

  • I used long & short stitch for the body
  • fishbone stitch for the beak 
  • buttonhole stitch for the eye
  • chain stitch for lashes & stems
  • French knots for pollens


hi frendz this is another try

Apr 12, 2010

icecream stick key holder


icecream stick key holder

materials required:

  1. icecream sticks
  2. fabrick paint (metallic shade)
  3. ceramic flowers 
  4. fevicol
  5. hooks from old stiking wall hangers

Arrange ice cream sticks as shown & paint with any fabric paint. Decorate as u wish. Stick the hook with ceramic dough or m-seal at one corner. allow to dry completely. Now your key holder is ready.to use


lotus kolam





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