"Life is full of beautiful things yet to be discovered"

Jun 7, 2010

unforgetable friendship gift

 Hi friends
This may be silly for you people but This is the most memorable thing in my life. These are the roses given by my friends on last day of my college in the moving bus.



  1. wow... what a creativity!!! Really a wonderful gift.

  2. hey da........ ur blog is so good.... i got surprised & d same tym enjoyed a lot wid these roses ur frends gave.........

    reallly lovely ppl are making tis world too beautiful....

    cheers ..
    happy happy life..

    Ponmozhi :D

  3. Hi Arul,

    Its really a wonderful one and its amazing also bcz we never thought that this roses are still in fresh condition (ie)i mean 2 say abt our memories.
    Good Keep it up.

  4. Awww...so touching!! Have you kept in touch with those friends? They would be so happy :)


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