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Oct 25, 2010

quilted handbag

Hi friends this is my first try to sew a hand bag. actually i googled a lot at last confused ... then took a tutorial from http://quiltsandcreativity.com/annabelle-purse-string-patterns/comment-page-1#comment-44865... i cant work the same pattern but i think it resembles this bag... thank you for the tutorial.. I'm sorry the stitches were not neat.
     Actually this is a waste cloth after stitching a chudi..( both main fabric and also the lining) I used sponge in between. I Like to stitch more hand bags and also cellphone pouches. I'll post soon the pictures of silk cellphone pouches



  1. Beautiful. Not too bad. Your first attempt is good!

  2. Thank you thendral... for ur valuable comment

  3. Love the fabric,and your first attempt is great!! :)

  4. Nice to see all your creative ideas..it will be good if yu show us how to do.Hope you do.Thanks in advance.

  5. Mam nice to see all your creative ideas...It will be good if u show us how to do..Hope you do..
    Thanks in advance


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