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Jan 21, 2011


Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated in Tamilnadu and now it’s also celebrated as the Tamil new year THAI. The farmer shows his gratitude to god for good rain and Sun by giving their newly harvested things to God. The festival starts with bogi where people clean their houses to get rid of old things.  The next day is the main festival PONGAL where people get up early in the morning before the sun rises …. Draw colorful kolams (now a days they draw kolams in night). Pongal paanai(earthen Pot) and sugarcane drawings get their own places in kolams. Then with the newly harvested rice pongal is cooked in the new pot while the sun is rising, at that time they say “pongalo pongal” to show their gratitude to sun (God).  Then the Padayal (Pooja) is done with the cooked rice (pongal) kept in banana leaves along with sugarcane, fresh Turmeric plant, banana, betel leaves.
                Then the next day is the maatu pongal… it’s the day for cattles.  They clean them and color their horns and do pooja for them. This day is also called as kaanum pongal where they spend happy time with their family anywhere outside.

     But this time we kept pongal in afternoon and also done pooja for kirthigai. Here are the pictures of our pongal celebration up in our terrace



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