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Mar 5, 2011


Hi dear ones..... this is my new trial piece in crochet Broomstick lace. I learned from a book which my brother in law brought from US... as i should not reproduce here.... I searched for a fine tutorial and the tutorial is here http://blog.grittyknits.com/ViewEntry_broomsticklace.aspx. But i don't know what to do with this piece of work!!!!!!

what to do with this???????????

close up of the work



  1. Fine Arul,do one more piece and use it for clutch purse or cell phone pouch.

  2. very very nice and neat work and you can do another one piece like this and sew lining any cotton cloth for firmness and sew zip and small crochet broomstick lace purse is ready..........just my idea and thanks for giving such a nice link and will def. give a try for it arul......

  3. ரொம்ப‌ நல்லா வந்து இருக்கு... கிரேட் வொர்க்!

  4. thanks to all... ya i should do a purse as per ur idea...

  5. Absolutely beautiful and neat work and the glass painting you did with your sister is amazing !

    keep posting!love your work.

  6. Very nice pattern formed by this stitch. Today you have introduced me to a new beautiful stitch. Your work and choice of colour is very nice. Thanks for sharing the tutorial link. Now i have fallen in love with broomstick lace stitch.Happy crocheting.


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