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Apr 6, 2012


Hello friends.....
     Here is the continuation of Panchagavya preparation. Sorry the post was delayed. And for the people who did not see the previous post here is the panchagavya preparation part 1 

On the fifth day 
We took the cow-dung gee mix and added 2 liters of milk, 2 liters of curd and 5 liters of Cow's urine and mixed well with a bamboo stick first then by hand.
Fresh milk and sorry i could not capture the picture of cow's urine as my cam  had no charge
Took 2 kg of jaggery and broke it into pieces with hammer.
Then in a large vessel took the tender coconut water and smashed the banana in this. 
Then added the jaggery too in this mixture and mixed well These provides nutrient to the microbes and enhance the growth. Then added the above mix in the cow dung gee mix.

At last added 2 teaspoon full of dry yeast. again enhances the growth.
 All the ingredients are added now and stirred thoroughly for at-least 15 minutes.  

Then stir the panghagavya every day in morning and evening minimum 50 times clock wise and 50 times anti-clock wise for proper aeration. that will enhance the growth of microbes.

stirring process twice daily 
On 16th day panchagavya is ready to use. We can take 20 to 30 ml of panchagavya and mix with 1 liter of water and apply to soil or can spray on leaves... but before spraying should filter the mixture.

Now Our plants are eagerly waiting for their nutrient rich food. 

Till then happy gardening :)



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