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Jun 17, 2012


     For a long time i'm thinking to crochet a floor mat recycling the old sarees.... Now throwing away my laziness i made one.... the cutting part grabs more work... I've done this with the help of my mother-in-law. I got some ruffles as i attached a different variety of saree for the outer part.... but still love this one..... take a look and give me ideas about this to improve.....



  1. good recylcing work aruljothi. I tried it only once and somehow not able to give a hand again. ha.ha.ah.a

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  2. Where can I find the tutorial for this greta piece of work

  3. Nice work. Hw long did it take 4 u 2 complete it!

  4. You might like try 'blocking'your rug - it works for me with wavy edged patchwork quilts, knitted and crocheted items, although I've never tried it with sarees! You will need to pin the edges intensely to get them flat and don't let it dry in full sun. Of course you will need to re-block it every-time you wash the rug, but it should stop the ruffle edge. Good Luck.
    Love, love, love your doilies by the way, superb skill, that I can only dream of attaining.

  5. Nice doormat from saari, How you had cut the saarie( length wise or height wise
    ) what was the width of each cut piece and how you have joined edges of cut piece?


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