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Jan 9, 2013


Hello everybody.... this week started with lot of work.... and still going on busy.... But i need some "My time" so i'm here... Here are the two purses i made when i'm in hospital.... The first one is a Ripple purse.... This is the first time i tried the ripple stitch and i'm satisfied with the outcome and the second one is a simple half double crochet in back loops.... take a look on it...

I think you people like my purses..... the first on i gave it to the doctor a.... acctually sold it :)... the second one is still with me.... i'm thinking about the closure..... velcro or magnetic button.... i'll fix it soon.... see you in my next post.... 

with cheers and smiles


  1. Cute bag arul btw where did you buy this huge fancy buttons. I just loved it.How did you make the string for the bag

  2. Lovely creations done in my favourite color green.btw how did you do the string.also can you tell me where did you buy this lovely buttons. Kudos keep it up

    1. thank you nithya aunty... actually these are not fancy buttons... they are shirt buttons i bought it long back...and the string is just chain stitch i made with 3 color threads together with a big crochet hook.

  3. Wow pretty lovely.


  4. Nice purse Arul.. I liked your other works too.. just reached your page today and im your new followwer.. Visit me too when u get time!


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