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Nov 4, 2013


Hello friends i hope all of you enjoyed this Diwali.... here are my crochet works for this Diwali mood.... And another thing is for the first time i made pictorial pattern for the Vilakku/Dia. Hope you people understand this pattern... if there are any mistakes please correct me.... waiting egerly for your comments.... 

This is another pattern inspired from Olga's Blog. I started with her pattern but things changed and the outcome is like this. I want to write pattern for this too.... lets see...


  1. Wow, awesome! And even a symbol chart! I love your candle holders, nice colors and pretty shape!

  2. Love the Dia . Very nice of you to share the chart you made too.Hope you had a wonderful Deepavali

  3. wow Arul another feather in you cap - keep the good work .

  4. This is so beautiful :) I would love to crochet something for the house but my only problem that I do not know how to :D ;)
    Waiting for my MIL to visit us. May be then I can do come crocheting :)

  5. Hi Aruljothi...thanks for visiting my blog. I really like making doilies but i am still learing and kind of have hard time following the pattern. I loved the pineapple doilie that you made...very intricate too.


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