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Mar 25, 2012


     This time I'm coming with the challenge for the crochet lovers... In this challenge every month end i will post a topic, we should crochet minimum 5 different motif designs in the given topic. 
    This is open to all, any one who is interested in learning and experimenting crochet can join in C-MOM. I hope the C-MOM will lead us to learn lot of fun in creating new designs.

C-MOM challenge for the month of APRIL2012 is SQUARE. Its easy na???? try to do different types if square motifs.... For the next challenge i will announce it in the last week of April.

  1. One should do minimum of 5 different motifs in the given topic and maximum is countless (There is plenty of time so that even busy people can take part without any tension)
  2. Please do not post other's work as yours. Yes of course you can learn from tutorials but do not copy other's photographs and respect copy rights. 
  3. post your works within the month end date.
That's all about the rules....

  1. Make your motifs, take the photographs and post it on your blog or flicker or picasa or any other site and comment on this page with your full link (i.e web address), so that i will put your link in  PARTICIPANTS LIST that will help people to visit your site
  2. Do write about C-MOM in your blog or click  in your social networking site... the buttons are just below the post.... so that this challenge will spread and many people can take part in this.
  3. If you don't have any blog or any thing... even then you can take part,  mail to me... but your work will not be shared to all... so do join in any of the above means
  4. To know the challenge every month follow this blog or subscribe by email.

That's all for now... 

I Wish this challenge to travel a long way... Just yesterday this idea came in to my mind when i saw this blog. Thanks to her. But i want to make more simple so i started this C-MOM. I need all your  wishes.

Any other suggestions are always welcome... coz i'm still learning about these blog things.... 

Crochet as many square designs you can.... learn.... create.... enjoy.....

with smiles....


  1. Sounds interesting! I've never participated in a crochet challenge before, so I'm up to it!

  2. Oh... You are welcome to this C-MOM olga...

  3. WOW - I would also like to jon but unfortunately I am a knitter. All the best for all participants. btw what goodies are at stake Arul. Thanks dear for initiating these sort of competitions. GOD bless you for all your efforts


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