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Mar 22, 2012


hello dear ones... here is my another post... that gave me more happiness 

    yesterday is my sister's son Boghit's birthday.... so i decided to send a gift.. i bought a doll (building blocks) to him.... but there is a cute little angel maroona 5 months old... i want to give something to her too... so decided to stitch a dress to her.... with this idea i googled.... here i got the beautiful pdf pattern... i just extended another 1/2 " and stitched this

I stitched this with my blouse bit one is full and another is a left over one
I did not add piping... as i sewed this in a hurry....

I know this is not perfect one but..... I've done this in very little time... i've used straight, back , buttonhole and french knots

Still there were some leftover bits.... So i tried another one.... by altering  the pattern and added the lace with the glittery button.. this lace is from a rubber band i bought when i was studying 6th or 7th .... i saved this for these many years... but i like this helped here.... :)

This became a mess..... with stem stitch in times it became back stitch too.... :(

here is the cutout pattern....
thanks to made-by-rae.com 

I'm happy that Boghit liked this dress and he called it as rabbit dress.... asked to wear the rabbit dress first.... and very very happy that courier went in time... 

With this happy mood i'll soon meet you in my next post



  1. குழந்தைங்களுக்கு நம்ம கையாள டிரஸ் தைத்து குடுக்கரதுங்கறதே ஒரு சந்தோஷமான விஷயம் தான் அருள். டிரஸ் சூப்பர் ரா இருக்கு...

    1. உண்மையிலேயே அது ரொம்ப மகிழ்ச்சியான விஷயம் தான்... மிக்க நன்றி ப்ரியா

  2. Great Idea...and ofcourse excellent outputs :-)

  3. very nice and thanks for the link dear!!
    defnetly will try in future!!

  4. Gosh.. thats lovely.. wow!! Thanks for visiting me at Colours Dekor.. totally makes my day..

  5. Creative idea. It's thoughtful of you to present a gift to all the children. Little girls and cute baby girl dresses go together.


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