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Mar 19, 2012


Hello dear ones.... 
Its been long time i took my crochet hooks.... but i'm busy with some other interesting things.... Yes... i'm busy with my gardening and my mind is dwelling around this all the time.... i'm  gardening (a small balcony garden) for more than 3 years I've learnt lot of do's and don'ts in this after killing many plants.. But with the help of my neighbor i learnt many things... thanks to her... still learning... 
     All my plants are in pots... plastic cans and some buckets... as i have to carry these things when we construct our own house {don't know when :(} my plants  badly in need of some nutrients to my garden... i'm not interested in chemicals so i searched about composting... although I've already done it earlier as trial I need the proper method. Then I got to know about the panchagavya and the kitchen waste composter. I got a tamil video on panchagavya soon i'm going to make it with the help of my neighbour.... then the much more interesting fact KAMBHA the kitchen waste composter from DAILY DUMP.. 
     After reading about the kambha carefully i made my own kambha with the waste pots in my home.... as it will take a very loooong time if i want to buy one more than that i'm very much interested in recycling... 

my own kitchen waste composter with top pot A and bottom pot B

for aeration i made holes in pot B

top pot A with holes in the bottom

pot A on pot B 

dry leaves in bottom pot B

I made holes using this tool and the stone near that
Also i have tried planting the rose shoots in this small piece of land in side of our house... first time planting in the land other than pots etc,. Daily i'm praying for this one to produce root.

rose shoot planting with help of this  link 

     who ever likes gardening will definitely like this kambha... these daily dump website has many informative things regarding composting... I this this post will be useful to all gardeners. meet you in my next post probably with crocheting...
until then have a happy week


  1. Really very interesting Arul! Recycling the waste is a very nice idea...Keep up your good job!

  2. recycling for garden is great,i often collect the vegetable waste,egg shell an bury them in garden soil. this is a great idea thanks for sharing

  3. nice idea.... thanks for sharing arul.

  4. Hey Arul, nice try at making the whole in the pots and being successful. I have myself bought the Kambha from Daily Dump few months ago, and the composting is in progress.


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