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Mar 11, 2013


Hello my dear friends,
     Once again i left a long gap in blogging.The reason is not a good one. I lost my loving  Mother-in-law on Feb 7th.

I already told you that she suffered from breast cancer. She too showed lot of improvement... but unexpectedly she died in a second... ohhhh can't forget those moments. She took extreme care for others but failed to take care of herself. She hided her small lump in the chest until she realized more pain... but in the mean time it became malignant tumor that went up to lymph. 
     She thought not to disturb her children but made a greatest mistake that could never be corrected. The lesson we learnt from her and all of us should learn is
  1. Please do not hide any thing from your loved ones about your health issues
  2. after 35 - 40 years do regular body check up especially women for breast and uterus cancer and men for prostrate cancer .. because they are very common... but check immediately if there are any differences in your health issues.
  3. Do have basic knowledge about cancer for the sake of prevention.
    We realize 100% at this time.... We miss her each and every minute. The place of her became empty that can never filled. This is really a hard time for all of us to get back into our routine... We believe time will take care of the rest..... And i think here after i will be regular in my blogging activities 



  1. I am so sorry to know your mother-in-law passed away. It's always hard to lose a dear person. Thank you for sharing this post and making us aware once again that one should never ignore or keep from family health problems.

  2. heartfelt condolences. Will keep your family in prayers

  3. prayers for you and your family for the loss which can never be compensated.take care of yourself .thanks for sharing and making us aware.

  4. Sorry about your mother-in-law. It's true that many women take so much care of their loved ones but fail to give importance to their own health. Take care.

  5. Very sorry to hear the news dear.
    Thankyou for your advise and i will try to have a check soon.

  6. Condolences on your loss,Arul. Take care..


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