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Mar 18, 2013

Pineapple doily

Hello friends...
     This time I'm again with the same pineapple doily pattern. But I made small changes in the pattern. The look is not same when making doily using cotton thread an with the woolen thread with same pattern. the doily with cotton thread will be perfect but with wool there comes the ruffels. 

     So i reduced the in between regular chain gaps i.e if the pattren is 3dc 5ch3dc 5ch 3dc.... i reduced them into 3dc 3ch 3dc 3ch 3dc. This time my doily came with perfect shape. See the difference in the picture. So wnere ever you feel there is difference in shape reduce the chain gaps.....

This is the new one without ruffels

This is the first one with ruffels



  1. beautiful doily! I think pineapple patterns have its own charm whatever thread we use..

  2. beautiful Doily arul, i also have the same doily in blue, with my Mom now

    1. Hi ninu... actually i got the pattern from your blog :)

  3. lovely doily !very intricate design!

  4. Beautiful! Sometimes I have to adjust doily patterns too. You did a good job.

  5. Hi Arul.. The white doliy is lovely despite of not being threadd.. I have done the same patttern recently..you can find it here


  6. You have done a very nice job of the doily. I even like the one with the ruffles ...it looks very pretty too. I can be tricky sometimes with mistakes in patterns. I also tweak the patterns most of the time.


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